DeJ Loaf, Leon Bridges – “Liberated”

The definition of a person being Liberated  is to be free from social conventions or traditional ideas, especially with regard to sexual roles. In America at the moment it is pride month and I feel like this is the perfect song to celebrate pride but it extends further than that. It is important that we as humans are happy and content in the lives that we live. You can be a dude and not play rugby. You can be a woman and play rugby. gone are the days of having to stick to the norm and comply with society’s cookie cutter ideals of the way people should be. It’s important that we explore ourselves. Explore the world and find contentment in not being the same as everyone else. The feeling of liberation is an amazing feeling. It is something that each of us should feel everyday. Of course there will be days when you feel self conscious or a little under the weather but my challenge to you is to try and do something this week for yourself. Express yourself in the way that you want to. Be the person you want to be. Try an activity you’ve always wanted to try. Never apologise for being yourself. Never fear being different. You are you and there is nobody else like that. One day you will meet someone who appreciates all your quirks. You will learn that the people who accept you are the ones you will make an effort for. Not everyone will agree with everything you do and that’s fine. If you haven’t felt that moment of liberation yet don’t worry. Just know it is out there and when you do feel it the wait will definitely be worthwhile.

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