Playlist June 2018

I have been making a conscious effort to broaden my music taste lately. For my job I listen to a lot of pop music. I have always listening to music of various genres but haven’t really made time to listen to much other than what I play at work. I have been shuffling through some playlists on Spotify and have created a playlist that I hope you like. This playlist is super chill and mellow in the next couple of weeks I will make another one that is a bit more upbeat. On this playlist you will find Thomston, Ella Vos, Jaymes Young, Aquilo and many more. I’m not going to lie most of these songs aren’t new by any means but they definitely are catchy and I hope they are the soundtrack to getting your homework done, your next road trip or even while you clean the house. I hope there is at least one track on this playlist that you resonate with. Let me know in the comments below if there’s a song that you particularly like!

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