Finding Peace

Finding peace is paramount to living a happy life in my eyes. You must find peace in order to move on. You must feel at peace with who you are. You have to try not to second guess the decisions you make and most importantly you need to believe in yourself. I had an eye […]

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Tommy Hilfiger

I hadn’t ever owned a piece of Tommy Hilfiger clothing until I went to America earlier this year and found the most amazing Tommy outlet store downtown Las Vegas. One of my biggest regrets was only buying two t shirts. I could have brought so many more things but I just didn’t have space in […]

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Cheap Monday at ASOS

I have a love hate relationship with ASOS they have so many awesome things but sometimes it is overwhelming when you don’t really have a lot of time on your hands. Rather than scowling the entire website I thought I would introduce you to some of my favourite items that Cheap Monday currently have on […]

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Be Kind To Everyone

I have a motto in life. Be kind to everyone. Sometimes it is hard. Life has many frustrations after all. I just believe that if everyone was kind to everyone else the world would be a better place. You might not always understand someone’s decisions or understand why people believe the things they do but […]

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Harry Styles Merch

Harry Styles has kicked off his world tour and with that comes his new line of merch. By no means was I expecting a generic line of merch from Harry but he has gone over and above with the line he is offering. It’s not often that it would be possible to buy one of […]

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