Miley Cyrus’ New Album

This might be the most exciting news you read all day. If you’re a Miley Cyrus fan anyway. Miley has just announced that her 6LP is on the way. It’s called “Younger Now” and will be out September 29. She announced the news on her website late last night and followed up with a post […]

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Iggy Azelea

The new album by Iggy Azalea has been out about a week now and I’ve finally managed to listen to the entire album. If you aren’t yet familiar with Iggy Azalea you are in for a treat. You see her, imagine the voice you think you are going to hear and are completly stunned when […]

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Prism – Katy Perry

It isn’t often you find an album that you actually want to listen to every song on the disk. Katy Perry however somehow manages to have hit after hit after hit. Her latest album prism is no different to the ordinary. Already we are up to single 3 from the album Roar and Dark Horse […]

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‘I Was A Fool’ Tegan And Sara

The piano is one of the most mesmerizing instruments ever created and this song’s piano is excatly that. Tegan and Sara’s latest album came out last year I am not going to pretend this is new music because it isn’t but occasionally it’s nice to find a song from an older playlist and redecover its beauty. If you’ve never […]

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