Prism – Katy Perry


It isn’t often you find an album that you actually want to listen to every song on the disk. Katy Perry however somehow manages to have hit after hit after hit. Her latest album prism is no different to the ordinary. Already we are up to single 3 from the album Roar and Dark Horse have already topped the charts and now it’s time for Unconditionally to do it’s thing and I have full faith it will make it up there to number one.

The thing I love about Katy Perry is she wasn’t found on youtube, she wasn’t picked to be a ‘Star’ she is authentic, genuine and she has worked so hard and continues to work beyond what can be expected to maintain the incredible reputation she has earned herself. In the Katy Perry 3D movie she says “I Don’t want to be the next anybody, I just want to be the first Katy Perry” and this is something I think we can all learn from. Everyone else is taken just focus on being you and being happy and everything else will fall into place.

Katy’s music is so enlightening, fun and inspiring all at the same time. She definitely knows how to make a party track we saw that with her Teenage Dreams album. Roar is slightly more raw it is more from the heart and it deserves every success it receives. There isn’t one bad song on the album. If you haven’t already you need to download the entire album.

Get Prism HERE!

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