Olly Murs – Live In Auckland.


Olly Murs catapulted into music after finishing as the runner-up of the sixth series of the X Factor UK in 2009. Since then he has gone on to host the Extra-Factor, written three albums boasts a number one single and is currently headlining his world tour.

Tonight (8/11/2013) Olly played Auckland’s ASB Theatre in New Zealand and wowed the crowd from the get go. While battling a cold he maintained impeccable vocals, immaculate stage presence and exceeded any expectation of audience interaction. It is safe to say Olly Murs knows how to work a crowd.
He literally had girls falling to their knees in awe of his presence. There is something mystical about him, whether it be his hat, the goofy yet polished dance routines or the way he makes each individual member of the audience feel valued and important it’s safe to say Olly Murs is a world class act and doesn’t receive anywhere near as much recognition as he deserves.
His set is simple, it doesn’t take away from his raw pure talent, the minimalist
set enhances Olly’s massive personality and it becomes clear he is born to be an entertainer. Nothing about this show is over the top or over done.
He doesn’t need laser lights, pyrotechnics or even confetti. Two back-up singers/dancers (whose moves complete the show), a smoke machine, lighting and a band is all he needs to put on one of the best shows I’ve seen this year.
You truly get the impression there is nowhere else in the world he would rather be when he is on stage. At that very moment he is right where he wants to be. Right now Olly is traveling the world arriving in countries he never imagined he would visit but that’s not even the best part. He’s arriving hearing fans singing the songs louder than he is. His fans know the set list off by heart and the whole experience appears to be extremely humbling to him.
The lighting isn’t obtrusive it adds to the emotion and experience of his music. ‘Dear Darling’ stood out to me not only is it one of my favourite songs but I love what he did with the lighting check it out in this video.
A lot of artists come out on stage begin talking and say some ‘meaningful’ things play a few songs walk off stage and before they know it they’re in another city in another venue playing to another crowd of screaming fans and it all seems to normal for them. The difference with Olly is you can tell he’s having fun, each show is unique. In Auckland tonight he performed the Haka (A native war dance) which has been done by before (One Direction, Ed Sheeran) but of course Olly puts his own spin on it and it’s one of the highlights of the show.
He is a class act, commands attention in a humble way and shares his life experiences with the audience. His concert is definitely a journey, you walk with him experiencing love, heartbreak the good times and the bad. You walk away from the concert wanting to fall in love, understanding how hard heartbreak can be and feeling like you’ve got a new friend. He is fun, refreshing and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He isn’t afraid to mock himself which is something to be admired.
Tonight in Auckland Olly had a cold. You could hear it in his voice when he was talking between songs however when he was singing you couldn’t even notice he was sick at all. At points when he was talking his voice would crack or sometimes just cut out mid sentence. Some artists wouldn’t have even performed in his situation however he is a trooper sang through the cold and didm’t miss a note.
At 29 Olly has crammed a lot into his life so far and he’s just getting started. It was recently announced Olly will be performing at Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball at London’s O2 Arena.
He is extremely personable, has an amazing voice definitely knows how to put on a show and if you ever get the opportunity to go and see Olly Murs live in concert it’s an experience you DO NOT want to miss.
A MASSIVE thank you to Sony Music NZ for the opportunity to see the show and take some photos check out the full galleries up at ZMOnline or iHeartRadio

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