Dua Lipa On Jimmy Kimmel

Dua Lipa is back from her wisdom tooth extraction and jumped on stage at Jimmy Kimmel to perform “IDGAF” and “New Rules.” In my opinion this is Dua’s best live performance to date. If you’ve ever had your wisdom teeth extracted you will know how painful the procedure is. I was surprised to see Dua […]

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Steal Her Style – Dua Lipa

As you have probably figured out by now I am a massive fan of Dua Lipa… I am also a massive fan of tracksuits. The fact that Dua Lipa wears a lot of tracksuits isn’t a coincidence. While she was in New Zealand she wore the most incredible tracksuit for the first show opening for […]

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Lorde ‘Liability’

It was a surprise for everyone this morning when Lorde uploaded a new video to her YouTube channel. Technically it wasn’t really a video it was a new song though and that is enough for me! The song is from her upcoming album “Melodrama” which drops on the 16th of June. She is performing this weekend […]

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