Lorde ‘Liability’

It was a surprise for everyone this morning when Lorde uploaded a new video to her YouTube channel. Technically it wasn’t really a video it was a new song though and that is enough for me! The song is from her upcoming album “Melodrama” which drops on the 16th of June. She is performing this weekend on Saturday night live. Which could mark the first live performance of both her new tracks. “Melodrama” is available for pre-order now and I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will release other tracks from the album early to people who pre-order.

The song is a stark contrast to “Green Light” but I am just as in love with it. It is a lot slower and reveals another level of vulnerability in Lorde’s recent heartbreak. She said that the album would be a mixed bag and if the first two tracks are anything to go on we have no idea what to expect next. All I know is I am freaking excited for the coming months and mostly for the 16th of June when we can finally listen to the entire album.

June is going to be an amazing month for new music. We can expect new albums from Halsey, Dua Lipa and Lorde. They are all incredible artists individually but can you imagine a collab between the three of them. That would just be too much! way too much!

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