Lorde – Green Light

Following the release of her single ‘Green Light’ Lorde has been receiving backlash on social media saying the song sounds too much like Taylor Swift. I can’t even begin to explain how frustrated this makes me. I’m not sure if it is just New Zealand media who are reporting this or if it is a worldwide thing. Yeah I could research it but to be honest with you I can’t be bothered wasting my time. If it is just a New Zealand thing it’s time we move on. It’s time to realise that tall poppy syndrome isn’t something we have room for in our society. Are we not in a place where we can celebrate the success of our pairs. Sure it might be a different sound but in the music industry you have to reinvent yourself to remain relevant. Does Beyoncé’s recent music sound the same as her first releases? Definitely not. It is a different vibe from Lorde in the sense of it being a break up song and it is more up beat and has a massive pop influence but that doesn’t mean that Taylor had any influence. If anything the song sounds like Jack Antonoff. But wait it is Jack worked with Taylor on her 1989 album and he also worked on ‘Green Light’ so yeah there probably will be similarities. Anyway I am a massive fan of the song and people will find something in everything to pick apart but let’s just enjoy this track for the art that it is. Thank you Lorde for blessing us with your talent, vision and musical gifts!


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