Beyoncé – ‘I Was Here’

I know this performance isn’t new but I think everyone needs to watch it at some point. This performance is the definition of power it is the definition of change it is your ability to make a difference. It’s inspiring, empowering and if I could I would make every single person in the world watch […]

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This sums it up really. Life is full of people. They will come and go. They will be there. They will let you down. You will fall in and out of love. The sun will rise. The stars will shine. You will eat. You will sleep. You will live. These are things that will all […]

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Break Free!

An over loaded plane will struggle to fly. An overweight dog will never be as playful. Put the wrong gas in your car it will never run as smooth. An overworked brain will restrain the successes you deserve. It’s Friday today have you once stopped to think about you, how you’re feeling and whether you’re […]

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Set Sail

People are ships couldn’t really be more opposite, if you’re taking it for its literal meaning. Put the literal meaning aside for a minute and it quickly becomes obvious that if we feel too comfortable we’re not going to achieve anything more than what we’re currently achieving. If we don’t push ourselves to try new […]

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