This sums it up really. Life is full of people. They will come and go. They will be there. They will let you down. You will fall in and out of love. The sun will rise. The stars will shine. You will eat. You will sleep. You will live. These are things that will all happen they are natural in the game of life.

The decision you have is whether or not you want the you of today to be better than the you of yesterday. We spend so much of our time thinking about what other people do what other people have and how you would like to be doing what they are doing. How you want what they have. The truth is there is no point. You are your own person. Why would you want to live someone elses dream.

Life is a journey and you’re always learning along the way. I am not saying you should be selfish and not take other peoples thoughts and perspective into consideration you definitely should think of other people I just think sometimes expecations from other people can get you down. You’re an individual and you deserve to be happy.

It won’t be easy and it sure won’t happen overnight but focus on the things you want to improve on a daily basis. Start small think how you can make the changes and make them mesureable. There is no point making goals that you can’t moniter. Celebrate your successes it’s a long and winding road but tomorrow can be better than today! Your destiny is in your hands now!

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