Who Are You

Do you ever feel weird for no particular reason. You wake up in the morning and you just don’t really feel that present. It’s like your mind is trying to figure something out but you just can’t put your finger on what it is that you are trying to decipher? I’ve been doing a lot […]

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I believe that everybody deserves respect but I don’t understand how you can expect respect when you can’t respect someone else. On of the things that annoys me more than anything else is people that are judgemental. It drives me insane. Just because I look a certain way or dress the way I do it […]

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The Epiphany

Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions, sometimes someone makes a difficult decision for us and other times we don’t realise we need to make a decision, someone makes a decision for us and it ends up being the best thing for the both of you. It’s hard in life to fully understand the things […]

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It’s Time To Bawse

Right now I am sitting on a plane 30,000 feet above Japan. Not really a relevant part of this story I am just trying to give you context because right now I feel so in tune with myself but I am so far out of my comfort zone but this is the closest I have […]

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Validation & Expectation

Validation and expectation are two things that go hand in hand which I feel can really prevent us from reaching our true potential. I feel validation is present in all of our lives even if we are willing to admit it or not. For some people validation is found in the clothes they wear, the […]

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Sleep Our Saviour

Sleep is one of the most frustrating things in existence. The thing that frustrates me most about sleeping is the fact that I feel like I could be getting things done when I am sleeping. The only issue is with a lack of sleep comes tiredness and with tiredness comes a lack of performance. You’re […]

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