The Best Is Yet To Come


Whatever you are going through right now just remember that things can only get better. Even in your darkest hour there is only one thing you always rely on. Everything in life is temporary. We as humans are temporary we won’t be around forever and just like good days bad days are temporary too. If this is the worst day you’ve ever had and you think it can’t get any worse chances are it won’t. You will lay your head on a pillow tonight and might not be able to sleep right away and tomorrow might be just as bad as today but in time everything becomes a lot easier. Try not to think too much about what is going on right now.

Whether a friend has turned their back to you, a close friend or family member has passed away, you’ve lost a pet or maybe something at school is getting you down none of these things will keep you down forever. While it does suck to lose a friend or family member you will grieve and in time you will learn to live life without them.

Humans are incredible beings we have the ability to learn so much. We have so much potential. The potential we instil we don’t even understand ourselves. Life is all about learning where it is learning who to trust, learning how to deal with grief, how to do something or simply how to live life is a lesson. The lesson isn’t always going to be fair it won’t always make sense at some pointyou will probably ask why me? I encourage you to stay strong. What ever is going on will soon be gone and you can get onto enjoying the things in life that do make you happy.

You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow and that alone is enough to live for. You haven’t yet reached your full potential, there is so much more you are capable of and if you want to find out you’re the only one who has the ability to discover that. Yesterday is he past forget it tomorrow is the future we will get there just live in the now. Tale a look around be thankful for the things you do have motivate yourself to achieve the things you dream of and always remember the best is yet to come.


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