Sunday Fun-Day

Sunday is one of the best days of the week if you ask me. Sunday is the one day of the week I like to dedicate to myself. Not in a selfish way but it is the one day of the week I am usually able to just chill and reflect. I like to reflect on the week that was and what I would like to improve on personally for the week ahead.

I like to set goals and try to make them happen. I try and think about what is coming up that week and remove any expectations. I like to go into a situation prepared, with an open mind and with the ability to learn something new. Each new week provides you with a new opportunity and this is an opportunity to make something count. It’s your turn to make a difference.

This week I challenge you to be a better person. If you see someone getting picked on at school don’t worry about what other people think stick up for that person. You never know how alone they might be feeling. If you have the finance why not sponsor a child? Buy a homeless person a burger. Help someone with their homework. I want this to be the week that you put someone else first for a change. If all of us do one small thing to help other people out the world would be 100% better already.

There is so many little things we can do to help people we are all just so busy and caught up in our own lives that it isn’t often we sit and think about what we could actually do for someone else. I came across this quote this evening and I love it. Often people put walls around you but you have the choice to allow those walls to bound you or you can break through those walls and be your own person.

People are always going to tell you what you can and can’t do. It is up to you to allow their perception to effect you. Well I guess I just wanted to check in and say let this week be the best week you’ve had. What ever is going on right now just know it’s making for a stronger you in the future.


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