Preaching what I practice. Living not hypocriticizing

Right now I am sitting on a plane and there is one thing I can’t get out if my head. It’s the fact that with time people change. I don’t know why it’s just a part of life. If someone in your life has changed recently you can probably relate to this. But before I get into it can I just say never settle for second best. You’ll forever be the one that got away. Let them be the best thing you never had.

In life you’ll experience the journey there will be things you’ll be proud of there will be things you won’t. You will guard your heart and you will allow people in. They will influence you, your thoughts and they way you live your life. They will stick around and then one way or another they will disappear from your life. It may not be as simple as they. It might even be for the. Better but what ever happens just know life goes on.

When you love someone or at least think you do this process will take time. No amount of distance, no person, no item no amount of money NOTHING can change this but in time everything will become easier. The moment they realise you’re the one that got away that’s when things get exciting. Don’t let anything they say get you down.

At the end of the day a relationship ends because you disagree on something. You’re too different or someone makes a mistake. Maybe the whole relationship was a mistake. Maybe you resent them. Maybe you came out second best what ever the situation just don’t let them get you down.

People will boost you up and try to bring you down. And eventfully this will be nothing but a distant memory. Soon enough your thoughts will be consumed by a higher power. Your mind is the vehicle that controls your success. Your thoughts giving you the power to achieve, the passion to dream and the strength to know it’s time to move on. I knew it was time to move on a long time ago and it’s only now I realise why.

To me break ups are interesting all those things you were told go out the window. I know for a fact those feelings don’t. You can say you don’t care all you want but let’s be honest you do. The thing you’ve got to remember is why you’re in this situation. You’ll remember the good times but it isn’t often you think about why the relationship didn’t work and that’s why you need to get on and do your own thing.

Think of the freedom think of the opportunity. All those things you’ve wanted to do for so long. They’re now on the tips of your fingers. All those experiences in life you wished you’d had are now right there waiting for you to explore. This is the most exciting time think about the potential. Think about what you’re capable of. Think of your wildest dream the one thing you’ve always wanted to do and go do it. There really isn’t anything stopping you. Just remember distance won’t fix anything. You can’t run from your problems you can’t hide from them either be a man/wooooman and face them front on. Grab life by two hands and go get it. Do something for yourself for once. Tomorrow is a mystery but it could be everything you’ve waited for. The future is all you really need.


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