“I am who I Am but all I want is to feel wanted.”

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Goodbye one of the hardest words you ever have to say, personally I don’t really like to say it I prefer to say tohdaloo. Goodbye becomes a whole lot harder when you have to say it to the one person that you thought you would never have to say it to. That one person who […]

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People often talk about regret. Regret is something you should illuminate from your life. There is no real need for regret. Life happens and there is no way of  stopping it. No matter what happens the sun will always rise tomorrow. I think the main thing about life is to learn every day! Learn from […]

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Dream Free, Dream Bigger.

      There is a lot to be said about dreams. You can never dream to big. The imagination is a tool of the heart. Like Walt Disney once said if you can dream it you can do it.  I strongly believe that if you can imagine something you can definitely make it happen if you […]

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This is so true. When you’ve said goodbye to someone try and forget the good times you had together. It is in human nature to remember the good times and try to forget the bad which is something we definitely need to remember when dealing with goodbyes. It’s never a good thing to be focusing on the […]

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