Broods – ‘Free’

For those of you reading outside New Zealand you might not be familiar with a band called Broods. They are from New Zealand and they are awesome. I’m not really sure how big they are outside NZ but they’re pretty big here and I love their music. Their latest single is called ‘Free’ and there […]

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Lorde – Bravado

This is the most under rated song Lorde has written. It’s from her first EP ‘The Love Club EP’ if you are a massive fan of Lorde you have probably already heard it but if you are just beginning to indulge in her music it is definitely worth a listen, I would love to know […]

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Shapeshifter ‘In Color’

This is one of my favorite Kiwi bands of all time. If you’re from outside New Zealand and haven’t ever heard New Zealand music I am going to be honest a lot of it isn’t world class but occasionally we do get some amazing talent coming through out country and this is definitely one of […]

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