Beach Blue – ‘Tears On My Txt’ Video PREMIER!


I am so excited to introduce you to Kiwi producer / songwriter duo Beach Blue are back with a new record ‘Tears On My Txt’ introducing newcomer 20 year old Jen Feldwick originally born in the Maldives but has spent time in both New Zealand and Australia Lyrically the song is about missing that significant someone but it incorporates an uplifting chorus that will have you tapping your foot. ‘Wasting all my time with you is all I wanna do’ sometimes it’s the simple things you miss the most about a relationship that didn’t work out. The sentiment in the last line of the chorus will definitely tug on your heart strings ‘If you fall, I hope I’m falling too.’

While Beach Blue  already have a couple of releases under their Belt ‘Tears On My Txt’ is Jen’s debut release. Jen’s love of music first began at a young age singing in talent quests Jen is now living in Wellington and is “So excited to be a part of this project, signing is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Beach Blue is the producer / songwriter duo Nik Brinkman(Junica / Physical) and Rodney Fisher(Goodshirt / mixed vege).

The music video is fun, energetic and is the perfect introduction to Jen as a vocalist and for sure will inspire your next Karaoke night. I am so stoked to have the world premier of the music video at Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think of brand new video!



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