Beyoncé – ‘I Was Here’

I know this performance isn’t new but I think everyone needs to watch it at some point. This performance is the definition of power it is the definition of change it is your ability to make a difference. It’s inspiring, empowering and if I could I would make every single person in the world watch […]

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The Internship Movie Review

While the movie was a tad on the slow side to begin with it really does redeem itself by the end. The characters become so relatable you then picture yourself in the situations and feel so involved in the events of the film. A brief synopsis of plot is Owen Wilson as Nick Campbell and […]

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Willy Moon

I never was a fan of Willy Moon’s first song but seeing him perform it like on X Factor NZ on Monday night completely changed my opinion of him. He is an incredible performer and an amazing artist. His first song ‘Yeah Yeah’ peaked the New Zealand charts at number 12. I have to admit […]

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