The Internship Movie Review

While the movie was a tad on the slow side to begin with it really does redeem itself by the end. The characters become so relatable you then picture yourself in the situations and feel so involved in the events of the film.

A brief synopsis of plot is Owen Wilson as Nick Campbell and Vince Vaughn as Billy McMahon they are partners in business and spend almost every waking moment together. As the events digress they loose their jobs and begin the endeavor to find new jobs. They land internships at google and begin a massive quest to be the next employees at google. They must prove themselves to Google management this provides the basis for the entire film.

Both Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn portray their characters extremely well, they are relatable and while they’re not always the set point for comedy a lot of the one liners from supporting characters are set up by their characters.

Another notable aspect of the film is the soundtrack. You wouldn’t think it would be paramount in this film which it isn’t but it actually adds a lot to the film. Both Nick and Billy are older guys who are forced to hang out with people a lot younger than them. The music featured represents this well there is an awesome mix of music from their generation mixed with music that younger generations would listen to.

The beginning of the film seems a bit awkward as you get to know the characters but this awkwardness is completely gone by the end of the film. By the end you just want to help the guys out and you look at them like mates rather than two people on a massive screen infront of you. It is awesome to see behind the scenes at google and gain understanding in one of the most powerful businesses in the world. While to some people working at google would be a complete bore it completely changes your perspective of the company. Some people might complain this is just a massive advertisement for google and maybe it is but I say props to them if they can create 119 minutes of screenplay intended to promote the company while entertaining and educating the audience they have completely nailed that.

This is a movie you will fall in love with the characters, forget about the issues you’re currently facing in your life and evade reality. I STRONGLY recommend this movie. Don’t give up on it at the beginning hang in there and you will see this is the movie of 2013 that definitely redeems itself.

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