Tap Dancing Bird

Sometimes it’s the little things in life we forget about. Other times it’s the little things in life that remind you what’s really important. It’s an interesting thing to think about actually. Stop and think to yourself what are the 3 most important things in your life. iPhone, internet, or maybe it’s your favorite TV show? Maybe it’s something with more sentimental value. A gift or present? Or maybe it’s something that doesn’t directly influence you but it’s something you’d like to help poverty, education or helping someone through an issue they’re facing. People are all so different with such different outlooks on life, different intentions and very different priorities. There is no wrong or right answer but as life gets busier and passes by more quickly try not to forget the small things in life that used to seem so beautiful to you. Don’t get caught up in the world of proving yourself, your wealth, your intellectual ability. Forget everything that matters to everyone else and just focus on whats really important to you right now. Find that burning passion inside you and try force it to the exterior. Allow the simple things in life to amaze you. Don’t be afraid to be amazed and don’t be scared to amaze. Lose yourself and allow someone else to find you. Find someone else in their strongest moment of vacancy. The world moves in strange ways forget trying to understand it, make your own understanding of it.

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