Jungle Book Review

I can’t say I’ve ever read or watched the original Jungle book but I saw the trailer for the 2016 version and I immediately fell in love. I love animals so much so that alone sold it to me but I was more intrigued to see how the movie was made and how realistic the […]

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The Boss Movie Review

Melissa McCarthy is back with the hilarious new comedy The Boss. No matter what kind of comedy you like you’re guaranteed to love this hilariously inappropriate movie. I like the fact that the humour in this film is clever. Yes there are penis jokes and they are immature but there is more depth to the […]

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How To Be Single Review

It’s the movie I was most excited to see this year but it’s a little different to what you might expect. After four years of college, young Alice (Dakota Johnson) decides she needs a break from her long-term boyfriend Josh. Excited and ready for new challenges, the eager grad moves to New York to take […]

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Sisters Movie Review

The movie is exactly what you would expect from a comedy, it’s funny, it’s silly and it’s so far from reality that you just get lost in their world. When their parents place the family home on the market, siblings Maura (Amy Poehler) and Kate (Tina Fey) learn that they have one weekend to clean […]

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Love The Coopers Movie Review

I don’t want to be a negative Nancy but this film is nothing what you would expect from the trailer. When I went to watch the movie I was expecting a really light hearted funny film with a romantic undertone. This definitely wasn’t the case like most families this family comes with a lot of […]

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James Bond Spectre Review

I have been meaning to go and see the latest James Bond film since it was released in cinemas this week I finally went and watched it. I am not a diehard fan of the James Bond series but I do really enjoy the movies. I thought this film was especially good. The cars were […]

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The Intern Review

It’s not often a movie exceeds your expectations. I was so excited to see this movie but so nervous that it would be a let down. I can safely say that it’s A. better than I thought it would be and B. in no way a let down. The storyline is cute, funny sensitive clever […]

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