The Intern Review

It’s not often a movie exceeds your expectations. I was so excited to see this movie but so nervous that it would be a let down. I can safely say that it’s A. better than I thought it would be and B. in no way a let down. The storyline is cute, funny sensitive clever and it takes you on a journey. This is the kind of film you immerse yourself into, you forget about the world around you and for the entire run time you’re transported to New York City.

The cast are perfect for the characters they’re playing. Some people aren’t big fans of Anne Hathaway but prepare to be surprised she nails the character Jules. Robert De Niro play the character Ben. He is incredible in this role. I felt similarities between him and Robin Williams. Ben will remind you of your grandfather or the grandfather you wish you had. He’s such a sweet, kind down to earth person who is willing to do anything to help. He’s that one person that you would trust no matter what. It doesn’t take long to take a liking to Ben.

The thing I love about this move is there are elements that everyone will relate to whether it’s a friendship you’ve had with an older person, a tough relationship, a decision that has you torn, wishing you had someone you could trust literally no matter what or even just having a companion. The subplots of the film make it so relatable. It makes the characters seem completely human. It deals with issues in society like jealous, feminism and ageism just to name a few. While the film is Hollywood and you can tell it has a big budget you get so entranced in the storyline you forget about the elements and techniques they’ve used to make this film happen. Personally if I find my self analysing the film and how it was made obviously I am not connecting with it the way I should be. Not the case with this film. From the moment I sat in the seat in the cinema I was lost to the storyline.

In a nutshell it’s cute, it’s not too sappy. Its funny. It’s inspiring. It’s emotional. You need to see it.

‘The Intern’… In cinemas NOW!

4 thoughts on “The Intern Review

    1. I definitely am a fan of a good romantic comedy so if you’re not into them it might not be the movie for you. But if you’re willing to give it a go take an open mind who knows you might be politely surprised. Be interested to know what you do think of it though! Let me know your thoughts!

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