The Intern Review

It’s not often a movie exceeds your expectations. I was so excited to see this movie but so nervous that it would be a let down. I can safely say that it’s A. better than I thought it would be and B. in no way a let down. The storyline is cute, funny sensitive clever […]

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Saving Mr Banks Review

‘Saving Mr Banks’ came out in cinemas a few months ago I saw the trailer for the film while watching another movie and always said it was on my must see list. Last night I went to the DVD store to get some movies. ‘Saving Mr Banks’ just happened to be one of the films […]

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Hang Over Part 3 Review

Finally managed to get to The Hang Over Part 3 this today. A little undecided how I feel about this film. The last movie I saw was The Great Gatsby and it really didn’t measure up. These two movies are opposites and can’t really be compared but I walked out of the Hang Over Part […]

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The Great Gatsby Review

I’m going to be honest when I walked into the cinema I had no idea what the film was about nor did I have much of an expectation. Walking away from the movie I can’t stop thinking about it. This hands down is the movie of 2013. It’s only June and that’s a big claim […]

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