Saving Mr Banks Review

‘Saving Mr Banks’ came out in cinemas a few months ago I saw the trailer for the film while watching another movie and always said it was on my must see list. Last night I went to the DVD store to get some movies. ‘Saving Mr Banks’ just happened to be one of the films on offer. I was surprised the film was already out on DVD and became extremely excited to see the movie. I grabbed the last copy of Blue Ray and went home stoked to watch it.

When I made it home I quickly put the DVD on and didn’t want to waste a minute. 10 minutes passed 20 minutes passed 30 minutes passed and then I woke up not knowing what was going on not knowing what I had missed this really was such let down. The movie was extremely slow to begin. The storyline was lacking and I really struggled to find any substance what so ever within the film.

The performances by the actors was great the settings incredible, believable and real there just wasn’t enough going on. It was incredible to be taken through Disneyland and see the different parts of the park I had visited a couple of months ago but in all seriousness this really wasn’t the film for me. I don’t want to be too harsh just incase you really enjoyed it all I will say is don’t rush out and get the DVD anytime maybe just give it ago in a few months when it is on the bargain table and you have nothing else to watch.

Check Out The Trailer HERE:

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