The Great Gatsby Review

I’m going to be honest when I walked into the cinema I had no idea what the film was about nor did I have much of an expectation. Walking away from the movie I can’t stop thinking about it.

This hands down is the movie of 2013. It’s only June and that’s a big claim to make but if this doesn’t get oscars I don’t know what will. There was heart stopping, anxious, exciting, exhilarating, entertaining and even funny moments in the film.

The detail considered so intricate you could watch the movie 4 times over and still be noticing new detailing in the costumes and set. Not only is the costuming extravagant the set and film locations match the lavish brilliance of the costuming. The thought put into all aspects of the film and phenomenal. It really is out of this world the chandeliers, Draping Curtains, Bone China, Silver Ware and incredible classic cars the entire film transports you to another world of luxury.

The only criticism is that the 3d is a little unnecessary, too many films feature 3d for the sake of it. The 3d neither adds or takes anything away from the movie it’s just there.

The characters are very relatable and the performance of Leonardo DiCaprio is Oscar worthy. He always puts on an amazing performance and this is no exception. He’s looking good as well. He’s bulked up and toned out since Jango and is looking a bit older but it’s safe to say he is aging gracefully. He definitely has the potential to follow in George Cloony’s footsteps.

I could write a million positive things about this movie but you really do just need to see it for yourself. I promise you won’t regret it. From the impecable set, cast and storyline to the lavish extravagance and heart altering plot this movie all round is ace and is up there in the must see list!

Check out the trailer!

2 thoughts on “The Great Gatsby Review

  1. Everybody here seems to be on the right page with what to do, but the style just overtakes everything they want to do. Nice review Mansel.

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