Hang Over Part 3 Review

Finally managed to get to The Hang Over Part 3 this today. A little undecided how I feel about this film. The last movie I saw was The Great Gatsby and it really didn’t measure up. These two movies are opposites and can’t really be compared but I walked out of the Hang Over Part 3 wanting more. Sure it was entertaining and there were some funny bits it just wasn’t as funny as I was expecting.

The script was extremely clever with an awesome plot twist I’m not one to ruin a movie so I won’t give too many details but you can expect the unexpected.

Zach Galifianackis¬†has a stand out performance as Alan. While his character is the most simple he also creates the most humor. Alan is the most relatable character and carried the entire movie. There are a number of main characters that could be cut from the movie and you wouldn’t notice too much however the movie wouldn’t be the same potentially even possible without Alan.

The soundtrack is one of the stronger aspects of the film with songs that fit the sequence of events happening on screen.

The comedy aspects of the film are few and far between while there were a few funny moments there was no real moment of eruptive laughter which I was waiting for the entire film.

While the Hang Over Part 3 isn’t the a complete let down don’t let the hype of the Hang Over Franchise cloud over your expectation of the movie.

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