AFENDS Borard Shorts

Yesterday I posted about a brand I recently discovered called AFENDS. While having a look around there website I found a few things that I liked. Yesterday I posted a few of their t-shirts and a pair of shorts. I also really like their boardshorts. They’re bright fun and full of personality. Here are a few of my favourite pics…

1Baywatch Geo
NZ $47.00

2Baywatch Navy Camo
NZ $ 67.00


Baywatch White Animal
NZ $ 67.004Easyrider Torren
NZ $70.00

3 thoughts on “AFENDS Borard Shorts

      1. Yeah I’ve just started a blog if you want to check it out, haven’t got many posts yet but if you I should post something you might be interested in, i am going to be posting about similar things fashion, photography and stuff so i’ll se how it goes 🙂

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