Buckets Of Books

Ok before you’re like Cam you don’t read anything bare with me for a minute. There is a very niche market of books that I enjoy. When I actually have time to read I love it but it turns out life gets busy and it’s a lot quicker to watch a movie than read a novel. The thing is if there’s a book that I can read a little bit at a time then it’s fun. If you’re anything like me and you don’t have the patience to read an entire book but you still love finding those little nuggets of gold. You need to read these books. From random funny puns to awesome places you need to visit. There’s a little bit of something for everyone.


14,000 Things To Be Happy About By Barbara Ann Kipfer
US $9.95 NZ $15.89


99 Problems By Ali Graham
US $9.95 NZ $15.85


The Best Place To Be Today By Lonely Planet
US $19.99 NZ $31.92


Have A Little Pun: An Illustrated Play On Words By Frida Clements
US $14.95 NZ 23.89

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