Apartment Must Have’s

I think there are 3 things that make an apartment, lighting, tables and a nice place to sit. Keeping that in mind I’ve found some sale items at Urban Outfitters that I think would spruce up your apartment perfectly. If you’re not an apartment dweller these things could do some wonders in your bedroom or […]

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Lights Glorious Lights

There is something about lights that I find completely magical. I’m not sure if its the fact that I am slightly scared of the dark and the light gives me that little bit of comfort that I so desperately need. Maybe it is the fact that Thomas Edison tried so many times but never gave […]

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Quote Crazy

I am the kind of person that likes to have some inspiration or motivation around at all times. A really simple but awesome way to keep motivation around is to have a quote wall. While you might be the kind of person that likes to print off quotes from Tumblr and stick them to your […]

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Final Furnishings

A room is just a shell until you make it your own. There are some really easy ways to finish a room. Cushions are always an easy way of adding a homily more comfortable vibe to a room. Personally I like shaggy pillows but pillows with quotes are another weakness. I am obsessed with hanging […]

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Bouncy Beds

When thinking about getting a bed you need to think about the room that you’re trying to create. Usually there is an overall feel you’re trying to go for whether it be rustic, urban or an industrial look think about the materials and whether that would suit the look and feel of the vibe you’re […]

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Wonderful Walls

Having wonderful walls is a goal of mine… Right now my walls literally have nothing on them. My room is rather minimalist to be honest. It’s not very big which doesn’t leave a lot of room for creativity. One thing that frustrates me about the house I live in is the lack of creative energy. […]

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Bargain Bedding

Bedding is something that is completely personal. I like bedding that is natural calming colours. Life is so hectic and busy I prefer bedding that is simple. I don’t like too much pattern. Something  soft is always good. If you prefer soft cuddling bedding a high thread count is a must. While I prefer my […]

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Industrial Lamps

I have a random obsession with things that look industrial at the moment. Every room that I have ever had has been extremely tame. It’s been minimalist with not much decoration and there has never really been a theme. The next bedroom I have I want to keep to a theme and I am beginning […]

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Millions Of Mats

The Neighbors Have Better Stuff Door Mat USD $50 NZD $78.28 Computer Keyboard Doormat USD $32 NZD $50.09 Unlock Doormat USD $49.90 NZD $78.13   The Fredrick Moustache Doormat by Petite Ambre USD $30 NZD $46.97 Oh No! Not You Again Doormat USD $30 NZD $46.97

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Buckets Of Books

Ok before you’re like Cam you don’t read anything bare with me for a minute. There is a very niche market of books that I enjoy. When I actually have time to read I love it but it turns out life gets busy and it’s a lot quicker to watch a movie than read a […]

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