Wonderful Walls

Having wonderful walls is a goal of mine… Right now my walls literally have nothing on them. My room is rather minimalist to be honest. It’s not very big which doesn’t leave a lot of room for creativity. One thing that frustrates me about the house I live in is the lack of creative energy. I like to be in an inspiring environment and unfortunately this house just isn’t that. There is plenty of simple ways to make a house more creative and one day I will get around to making my walls a little more interesting. In the mean time these wall hangings are my number 1 choices to make my walls a little more special!


Secret Holiday & Co. X UO Wild Banner
US $100 NZ $148.72


Secret Holiday & Co. X UO Dream On Banner
US $100 NZ $148.72


Eat More Tacos Pennant
US $24 NZ $35.70

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