In New Zealand right now it is summer. Long days in the sun enjoying the outdoors. While it is summer and for the most part I have been outside enjoying the greenery as much as I can occasionally there is a rain day and you’re forced inside. Yesterday I was watching movies in bed and […]

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IKEA Addiction

I have a new addiction and it comes in the form of IKEA. We don’t currently have a store in New Zealand but it’s worth a trip to Australia just to check it out! I guess the New Zealand equivalent would be target but I feel like IKEA has a better range of stuff. I’ve […]

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Wonderful Walls

Having wonderful walls is a goal of mine… Right now my walls literally have nothing on them. My room is rather minimalist to be honest. It’s not very big which doesn’t leave a lot of room for creativity. One thing that frustrates me about the house I live in is the lack of creative energy. […]

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Bargain Bedding

Bedding is something that is completely personal. I like bedding that is natural calming colours. Life is so hectic and busy I prefer bedding that is simple. I don’t like too much pattern. Something  soft is always good. If you prefer soft cuddling bedding a high thread count is a must. While I prefer my […]

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