Bargain Bedding

Bedding is something that is completely personal. I like bedding that is natural calming colours. Life is so hectic and busy I prefer bedding that is simple. I don’t like too much pattern. Something  soft is always good. If you prefer soft cuddling bedding a high thread count is a must. While I prefer my main bedding to be plane and simple I like to have a couple of feature pillows on my bed. Bright colours, busy patterns or even writing on these is a nice touch. It is a contrast to your plane bedding and you can put them out of sight out of mind while you sleep. Create a comfortable environment for you to sleep in.


4040 Locust Spacedye Stripe Duvet Cover
US $79.99 — $89.99 NZ $123.37 – $138.78


Zigzag Duvet Cover
US $19.99 NZ $30.84


Magical Thinking Southwest Geo Duvet Cover
US $39.99 NZ $61.69


Magical Thinking Dream Pillowcase Set
US $24.99 NZ $38.54

2 thoughts on “Bargain Bedding

  1. I love the look of all of this Los bedding without frames, but my problem with it are critters like spiders. I live in a rural Texas town and we have ants, spiders and scorpions. So the idea of anything including the blanket touching the ground is out of question. But I still prefer the more modern look.

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