Monochrome Masterpieces

I am loving the monochrome look at the moment. There is something about an all black/all white/black and white outfit that I am loving at the moment. I think it’s the fact that it’s simple. My mind seems to be in overdrive at the moment thinking about a whole bunch of different things so I am enjoying simple things visually. I’m not one for too much pattern which is the reason I am really liking the following items…


Marshall Amplification Slant 62 Tee
US $24.99 NZ $37.14


Deus Ex Machina Monochrome Long-Sleeve Tee
US $29.99 NZ $44.57


Dark Seas RIP Premium Raglan Tee
$24.99 NZ $37.14


The Viper Room What Tee
$24.99 NZ $37.14

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