Manuka Doctor

For me personally my skin is a massive factor when it comes to confidence.  If I don’t feel like my skin is looking good I definitely struggle with confidence. I started using the Manuka Doctor Fine Radiance Serum about a year ago when it was included in a goodie bag that I was given. Since […]

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Sony SRS-XB30

Sony’s latest line of bluetooth speaker are something every music fan needs to get their hands on. The thing I love the most about this speaker is the fact that it’s a portable party. It’s got a colourful ring of light that changes colour and has two mini strobes that flash in time to the […]

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Sleep Our Saviour

Sleep is one of the most frustrating things in existence. The thing that frustrates me most about sleeping is the fact that I feel like I could be getting things done when I am sleeping. The only issue is with a lack of sleep comes tiredness and with tiredness comes a lack of performance. You’re […]

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Sip it good!

Drinking out of a normal glass or mug just isn’t an option anymore. Gone are the days of drinking from a generic cup. This is 2017 and you can drink from Star Wars characters, a cat or even a panda. I found all of these mugs and cups at Urban outfitters. They’re all on sale […]

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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the world around you. Does it make you feel uncomfortable that you haven’t yet achieved the things you want to achieve. I think back to when I was in high school and think about what I wanted to achieve by the time I was 25. Sure there are a […]

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Just Be You

The world of celebrity is a crazy thing. The media industry is a crazy thing. Society itself is crazy which concerns me to some extent. I like to see the best in people but this is something I am super passionate about. I don’t believe society is heading in the right direction when girls are […]

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