Sony SRS-XB30

Sony’s latest line of bluetooth speaker are something every music fan needs to get their hands on. The thing I love the most about this speaker is the fact that it’s a portable party. It’s got a colourful ring of light that changes colour and has two mini strobes that flash in time to the music that you are playing. If you’re lucky enough to have two speakers you can connect two at once which is great for extra volume.

The sound quality is amazing. It isn’t the loudest speaker on the market but I prefer the sound quality to other portable speakers that I have used. The controls on the top of the speaker make it easy to control whether it be controlling the volume, adding another speaker or even answering a call the control panel on the top of the speaker is very accessible and easy to use. If you like bass this speaker will be right up your ally. There is an extra bass button which does exactly what it suggests, enabling the extra bass function of the speaker. The only thing lacking would be the ability to skip a song but then again if you’re hosting a party it prevents people skipping every song unless they have access to the phone or laptop that is connected so this might actually be a bonus.

If you want to listen to music but you don’t want to connect via bluetooth there is also a standard headphone jack and a USB connection as well. The battery life on this model is 24 hours which is amazing if you’re heading away camping and want to continue listening to your music for a long time. While the size is small it feels sturdy and is also water resistant meaning you can now drown out your singing in the shower with all your favourite tunes. From Sony Website “IPX5 (Degree of protection against jets of water): The system has been tested and found to remain functional after exposure to direct jet streams of water using a nozzle of 6.3mm internal diameter from any direction where approximately 12.5 L/min of water is applied for a period of more than 3 minutes from a distance of about 3 meters. Liquids that the waterproof performance specifications apply to: fresh water, tap water, sweat. They are not applicable to liquids other than the above (soapy water, pool water, seawater, etc.).”

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