Manuka Doctor

For me personally my skin is a massive factor when it comes to confidence.  If I don’t feel like my skin is looking good I definitely struggle with confidence. I started using the Manuka Doctor Fine Radiance Serum about a year ago when it was included in a goodie bag that I was given. Since then I have been meaning to try more of their products and finally I have gotten around to doing that. I started using the Revitalising Day Cream SPF15, Cashmere Touch Serum and have continued using the Fine Radiance Serum for the past week and already I am noticing a difference with my skin.

I have very animated facial expressions and have noticed that I have been getting a few creases on my forehead. It sounds stupid but it is something that I have been feeling a bit insecure about lately. I’m definitely not the kind of person that would get botox or lazer treatment but already I am noticing the effects of using Manuka Doctor products. While the creases are still there they are less prominent. My skin in general feels healthier, smoother and I’ve had multiple comments that my skin has a glow.

I have been using the Radiance Serum followed by the Revitalising Day Cream SPF 15 each morning. At night after washing my face I have been using the Cashmere Touch Serum before going to bed.

Key Benefits.

  • An age-defying formula that rejuvenates & nourishes
  • Leaves skin looking & feeling younger
  • Nurtures natural collagen formation to smooth the look of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Manuka Honey hydrates tired skin

Price NZ$35.95

Key Benefits.

  • Refines the look of lines while nourishing & restoring skin’s softness
  • With Purified Bee Venom, Manuka honey & Royal Jelly
  • Skin appears more toned & youthful
  • With SPF15

Price NZ$37.46

Key Benefits;

  • Clinically proven, after just one application skin feels firmer & more revitalised
  • Clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth & increase skin firmness & elasticity in 28 days
  • Clinically proven, in 28 days facial contours appear more defined, skin feels firmer and complexion more younger looking

Price NZ$49.95


CLICK HERE – for Manuka Doctor online store.


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