Summer Festival Outfit Inspo

Summer is just around the corner which means it’s time to start planning which festivals you’re wanting to go to. Personal I am in love with festy fashion. There are so many awesome looks you can get away with at festivals that might not go down so well on a normal day. I’m not really one to worry too much about what people think of what I am wearing so if you’re like me feel free to try any of these looks on any occasion. I’ve compiled some of my favourite looks from Coachella in the past couple of years. 4

Cody Simpson
I like the way he’s willing to try something different. Festivals can be tricky, it’s so hot during the day but at night you don’t want to have to go change into something warmer. A poncho is the perfect thing to combat this problem. Throw it on when the temperature drops. A fedora not only looks cool but will also protect you from the sun while you enjoy all your favourite bands.

Austin Butler
This is a super casual look but I love it. Don’t forget your sunscreen if you do go for the singlet look. It’s pretty self explanatory. Snapback, backpack, singlet, rolled up jeans, converse, long sleeve plaid shirt around the waste. To complete this look throw on some bracelets.
Nick & Joe Jonas
I would consider these to be day vs. night. A patterned singlet, rolled jeans and vans for the day as seen on Joe (the left). Nick (on the right) is wearing a black t with a black and grey long sleeve t over it. Black rolled up jeans and converse shoes.

Brooklyn Beckham
This is a simple festival look. Rolled up t-shirt, black jeans and black vans.

If you’ve been to a festival or are heading to one in the near future be sure to take some snaps and drop them in the comments below!

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