Bouncy Beds

When thinking about getting a bed you need to think about the room that you’re trying to create. Usually there is an overall feel you’re trying to go for whether it be rustic, urban or an industrial look think about the materials and whether that would suit the look and feel of the vibe you’re trying to create. For example a white metal frame bed doesn’t really fit the industrial look. If you’re going for a rustic look wood is a great way to achieve that rustic look. Another thing to think about is the space you’ve got to work with. If you’re wanting to fix a headboard to the wall obviously you need a wall to attach it to. If you’re wanting to attach a headboard to a wall know for sure that’s where you want the bed to be placed for good.


4040 Locust Angled Wood Headboard
US $349 NZ $518.67


Magical Thinking Bohemian Platform Bed
US $579 — $679 NZ $860.65 – 1009.29


Plum & Bow Flora Bed
US $749 — $849 NZ $1113.46 – 1262.13


Morey Platform Bed
US $629 — $679 NZ $935.07 – 1009.40

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