Leather Jackets At Urban Outfiters

It’s getting warmer/colder (in the us) but in the evening it’s perfect weather for a leather jacket. A couple of years ago I always wanted a leather jacket but I was always too scared to wear one. The day I did I felt so self conscious for the first 20 minutes then someone complemented me saying they liked my jacket. After that it was all plain sailing. If you’ve ever had an item of clothing that you’ve wanted to wear but you’ve been to nervous to give it a go and see what happens!

KR3W Burnett Faux-Leather Bomber Jacket
US $120 NZ 178.51


Schott X UO Beatdown Perfecto Leather Jacket
US $699 NZ $1040.09


Members Only Washed Leather Moto Jacket
US $249 NZ $370.14


Your Neighbors Marius Leather Bomber Jacket
US $249 NZ $370.14


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