Industrial Lamps

I have a random obsession with things that look industrial at the moment. Every room that I have ever had has been extremely tame. It’s been minimalist with not much decoration and there has never really been a theme. The next bedroom I have I want to keep to a theme and I am beginning to think I might have found that theme. There is something comforting in a situation that isn’t supposed to happen for example a bedroom shouldn’t really be industrial. I like things to be a little different and I like being in creative environments. I feel industries do creative things and I think that’s why I like this style so much. Here are a few lamps that I think would go perfectly with an industrial themed room.

69″ Farmhouse Floor Lamp, Oiled Bronze
US $690 NZ $1087.45

Edison Bulb Industrial Floor Lamp, Metal Shade
US $245 NZ $386.59

Iron Pint Table Lamp
US $155 NZ $244.28

Industrial Floor Lamp
US $195 NZ $307.32

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