Final Furnishings

A room is just a shell until you make it your own. There are some really easy ways to finish a room. Cushions are always an easy way of adding a homily more comfortable vibe to a room. Personally I like shaggy pillows but pillows with quotes are another weakness. I am obsessed with hanging things whether it be a hanging flower bed, hanging shelf of hanging fairy lights thats another simple way to make a room that little bit more awesome. Here are some of my favourite final furnishings which could help complete your room!


Mongolian Faux Fur Oversized Pillow
US $79 NZ $117.00


Hanging Metal Planter
US $16 NZ $23.70


Assembly Home No Bad Days Pillow
US $39 NZ $57.76


Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelf
US $69 NZ $102.19

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