Celeb Style Inspo

While I think it’s awesome to have your own unique style I think it’s also fun to have some celebrities you look up to for fashion inspiration. I have four main celebs I look to for style tips the first is Harry Styles, he’s pretty much the reason I have a man bun. Zac Efron just oozes cool. He rocks the casual look so well. Taylor Lautner makes anything look good which could be one of the reasons I look to him for fashions inspiration while Sam Smith rocks what I call the ‘Modern Man Look’.


Dec 20, 2014; New York, New York, United States Of America;  Harry Styles out and about in NYC on DECEMBER 20, 2014 in New York.(Photo By Josiah KamauBuzzFoto.com)..Buzz Foto LLC .httpwww.buzzfoto.com .1112 Montana Ave suite 80 .Santa Monica CA 90403 .1 310 980 8822.1 310 691 3888 Local Caption *** Harry Styles (Credit Image: © BuzzFoto.com/BuzzFoto.com/KEYSTONE Press)

Harry Styles is the king of cool no matter what he does he just lives and breathes awesomeness. Harry is a massive advocate of a good pair of boots. In this picture he’s matched his boots with his jacket which I think is a nice touch. I love this look becuase it’s casual but he’s dressed it up slightly with the addition of  the jacket. A simple but very classy look.


Who doesn’t ride a skateboard through the supermarket? If I even thought about doing this I’d probably faceplant and embarass myself. Zac on the other hand has it under control while holding a basket at the same time. A super casual look. Toms on the feet. Faded jeans a collared shirt a beanie and some sunnies you can’t go wrong. You could dress this look up with a pair of boots/leather shoes or another patterned shirt.


Taylor Lautner has a super casual look here. He’s just got off a flight. This is the kind of thing you’d wear to the supermarket to the movies or even a casual lunch with friends. Plain shirt with a zip jersey. AS Color have heaps of simple t’s and jackets similar to this. 4

Sam Smith is a man of class. He lives and breathes it. I love the colour choice of this. His jacket and shirt are slightly different colours but the two colours compliment each other so well. The jacket is a dark  burgundy while the shirt is a black and charcoal cheque pattern. This is a great look on top of a black pair of skinny/straight cut jeans if you’re not into skinny jeans.

Hope you’re feeling motivated to try some new looks! 🙂

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