6 Trends At ASOS

Sometimes it’s hard to know what looks good and what is popular. Luckily for you the kind people at ASOS give you a list of some of their top sellers. This is a mixture of their suggestions and some things that I think are awesome from ASOS. If you’re ever unsure if something looks good you don’t need to worry. Fashion is all about experimentation and sometimes you’ve just got to branch out!

AAPE By A Bathing Ape Long Sleeve T-Shirt With AAPE Badge Print
NZD$ 120.01


Nike Nightgazer Trainers
NZD$ 124.37


Reclaimed Vintage Super Skinny Jeans With Knee Rips
NZD$ 82.92


Nicce London T-Shirt with Small Chest Logo
NZD$ 61.10


ASOS Super Skinny Jeans With Biker Details
NZD$ 87.28


ASOS Chelsea Boots in Suede
NZD$ 98.19

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