Selena Gomez Style Inspo

I’m seriously loving Selena’s style and she has some stunning tour outfits when I saw her! I luckily got to meet her after the show last year which was indescribable to see someone you’ve loved for years in front of you! I found some looks and a couple look to be exactly what she’s wearing […]

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Kendall Jenner Style Inspo

Just a little scrolling on Forever 21 and I found some boots that reminded me of Kendall, so I just decided on doing a blog post for style inspiration! I love finding similar looks for better price so if there’s any celebrities or specific outfits, drop a comment and I’ll do my best! There’s a mix […]

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Jeans Jeans Jeans

I am currently sitting in my bed and it’s so cold I am dreaming of winter clothes. While it would probably be better to be posting about super warm jackets I got stuck in the jean section and I needed to share some of my findings with you. Jeans are the perfect pant in my […]

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Ripped Jeans At ASOS

Every so often I get an obsession and it consumes my thoughts. My latest obsession is ripped jeans. I don’t even know what it is about them that I like but they are an essential for every wardrobe. Black, white, blue green no matter what colour denim you like to wear there is a pair […]

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6 Trends At ASOS

Sometimes it’s hard to know what looks good and what is popular. Luckily for you the kind people at ASOS give you a list of some of their top sellers. This is a mixture of their suggestions and some things that I think are awesome from ASOS. If you’re ever unsure if something looks good […]

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Celebrity Jean Guide

Ripped They’re casual, great for summer and just give your outfit a bit of texture. Skinny If you’ve got the legs you’re going to look amazing in skinny jeans. They’re one of my favourite looks. Slim They’re good because they’re shaped but they aren’t super fitted. Great if you’ve got thicker legs or you just […]

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