Black Essentials From Calvin Klein

I went through a stage of loving random prints and random patterns but at the moment I am going through a phase of loving black. To the point where I want to get rid of all the colour from my wardrobe. I know that is super boring and I wouldn’t ever do it because I love the variety but I have picked out some of my favourite items from Calvin Klein which are black. The think I love about Calvin Klein is how simple their clothes are. If you want a hoodie, t-shirt or hat they have you on lock down. as for their underwear it is so comfortable. I love the fabric, it has great  support and generally just makes you feel good. I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel more confident when I’ve got a good pair of underwear on. You really can’t go wrong with a pair of Calvin’s. Anyway enough rambling. Here are my favourite black items from Calvin Klein.


Calvin Klein Baseball Hat
US $39


Calvin Klein Re-Issue Denim Trucker Jacket
US $99


Calvin Klein Jeans Reissue Hoodie Sweatshirt
US $84


Calvin Klein Jeans Reissue Tee
US $44


Calvin Klein Boxer Brief 3-Pack
US $43


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