Expect New Music From Lady Gaga

According to Chase Murphy an American Radio host we could expect new music from Lady Gaga by the end of the month.

He revealed the news on air and told one Little Monster in a Twitter DM that the news came direct from Lady Gaga’s record label.

Lady Gaga has been working on two new releases and if her friends Elton John and Tony Bennett and anything to go by there could be more new music soon. Elton said her fifth solo album, featuring sevel “absolutely brilliant: collaborations with Mark Ronson, is either due out later this year or early next year. Tony Bennett says that work on their Check to Cheek follow-up will also start in 2017.

This is something I am most definitely excited about! Gypsie is still my favourite Lady Gaga song ever and I am super excited to see what she does with her next album. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is more of a Born This Way vibe but you know Gaga you just don’t know what to expect.

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