Topshop Sale

I love looking through sales on my favourite shops. Here are some things I found on sale, I made sure only to put in items that had a majority of the sizes left so I wouldn’t disappoint someone! -Andrea x 🙂 This leather jacket is in the tall size, but you can easily cuff the […]

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Kendall Jenner Style Inspo

Just a little scrolling on Forever 21 and I found some boots that reminded me of Kendall, so I just decided on doing a blog post for style inspiration! I love finding similar looks for better price so if there’s any celebrities or specific outfits, drop a comment and I’ll do my best! There’s a mix […]

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New At Urban Outfitters

Finding new things on online stores is one of my ultimate favourite things to do. It’s not really that difficult you just choose your favourite online store and click ‘NEW’ and prepare for your mind to be blown. Urban Outfitters always have kookie little things. They’ve got some awesome cartoon socks. I’ve included the snoopy […]

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6 Trends At ASOS

Sometimes it’s hard to know what looks good and what is popular. Luckily for you the kind people at ASOS give you a list of some of their top sellers. This is a mixture of their suggestions and some things that I think are awesome from ASOS. If you’re ever unsure if something looks good […]

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Shoe Time

      It’s slowly getting warmer which means it’s almost time to trade in the high tops for low tops. If you’re in America that transition to high tops will slowly be happening as the days begin to get colder. While New Zealand summers are quite warm during the days it’s always good to […]

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