New At Urban Outfitters

Finding new things on online stores is one of my ultimate favourite things to do. It’s not really that difficult you just choose your favourite online store and click ‘NEW’ and prepare for your mind to be blown. Urban Outfitters always have kookie little things. They’ve got some awesome cartoon socks. I’ve included the snoopy ones below but they’ve also got Bart Simpson and a few other characters too. Dr Martens are something I’ve always intended on buying but have never got around to. These ones could be my first pair of docs. I love the style and I love the colour. I’ve already done a blog on curve peak hats so this is a little gem I hope you also like and of course everyone need something New York Related in their wardrobe so this little number is going to go down a treat!

Dr. Martens Talib 8-Eye Raw Boot
US $120


Calvin Klein Baseball Hat
US $39


Assembly New York Logo Sweatshirt
US $118


Snoopy Sport Stripe Sock
US $8

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