Stolen Sale

Still one of my favourite kiwi brands. I’ve always loved the simplicity of Stolen and it only gets better when it’s on sale. I am also loving their┬áThe Calla Lily print shits. They are something a little different but not too out there. I feel like it requires some balls to wear a full on […]

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Urban Outfitters Haul

There’s nothing I love more than a sale at Urban Outfitters. Life has been so hectic lately this is the first time I’ve had the chance to check out their website in so long. It’s good to know that they’re still stocking random fun things in the form of fashion. Click the photos to visit […]

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Quay Sunglasses Sale

Quay Australia is this really cool sunglasses brand. They have many different frames and some of them fun coloured reflective mirror lenses. They have some girly ones and some on the plainer side for men (but you can like whichever ones cause I believe anyone can wear and do what they choose, no judgment!) Their […]

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Topshop Sale

I love looking through sales on my favourite shops. Here are some things I found on sale, I made sure only to put in items that had a majority of the sizes left so I wouldn’t disappoint someone! -Andrea x ­čÖé This leather jacket is in the tall size, but you can easily cuff the […]

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Urban Outfitters Dresses Sale

For starters, hey I’m Andrea, not Cam writing this blog post… state the obvious! I’m just going to introduce myself before I start for anyone confused since┬áthe random review youtube video post. I’m helping Cam with writing some extra blog posts since he’s been pretty busy with work! I’m just this random girl in California […]

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Sip it good!

Drinking out of a normal glass or mug just isn’t an option anymore. Gone are the days of drinking from a generic cup. This is 2017 and you can drink from Star Wars characters, a cat or even a panda. I found all of these mugs and cups at Urban outfitters. They’re all on sale […]

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Winter Essentials

It just suddenly dawned on me that winter is closer than ever. The weather is so gross at the moment and in the last couple of days the temperature has dropped substantially. It’s time to bring out that coat, put the warm socks on and have a troll through your favourite online stores and find […]

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